Tear Trough Fillers and Crows Feet Botox with Celevenus Aesthetic

For those that have been following my IG,  I had been very blessed to be taken care by Celevenus Aesthetic for my body contouring journey.  What I have not shared is my aesthetic journey.


Recently, I have decided to go under the needles for my eyes.  I am a big vain pot and very critical on myself to maintain my looks and I had been very troubled by my wrinkles and tired looking eyes lately. I am a night owl as I work till late at night after the girls are asleep. This routine is taking a toll on my eyes. My eyes started to look more sunken and my crows feet were getting very obvious. I blamed it on staring at my phone in the dark as that action would make me cringe when I try to focus on the bright screen.  I could not take it because it was getting very difficult to get a decent photo of myself without showing my tired looking eyes. Look at some of my recent photos…

My crows feet before filler

My eye bag before filler

One day I just decided that enough is enough! I went to Celevenus to seek help for my troubled eye issues. What can I say.. I am extremely satisfied!  Dr Dylan Chau was so nice and gentle throughout the entire period. He was a man of few words and I liked his service very much. He was very honest and advised me only on what I truly needed.  He recommended me to go for Sculptra, an FDA-approved injectable that is designed to fill wrinkles and reduce hollow, sunken cheeks. The treatment increases your body’s natural production of collagen, which is key for tightening skin. The effect of Sculptra will increase over time, thus is not as immediate as fillers. I told him that I needed the immediate result as I could not afford to wait a few months for my body to produce the collagen to fill the hollowness under my eyes. He agreed that with such a requirement, fillers would be a better choice.  Of course, he also shared with me that fillers would last a duration ranging from months to 1 year depending on my lifestyle. Although I was afraid of the needle, I went for the procedure without numbing cream. LOL… This was because the nurses in the clinic told me the numbing cream would cause my skin to swell a little thus affecting the actual judgement of injecting.  I immediately said ok then went ahead without any numbing cream. What I was truly impressed was the pain was much bearable than I had initially thought.

Dr Dylan assessing my condition. I have eye bags showing even without any expression

Marking before treatment

Tear trough filler

Here we go

Dr Dylan told me to expect some bruising because I am very fair and my veins were actually very close to the entry point of injection. There were indeed some bruising but was easily concealed with concealer. Here was me on Day 1 after the tear trough filler and crowsfeet botox.  Look! No more crows feet!

tear trough filler at Celevenus

Right after filler. Just a little bruising under my eye which can be easily concealed.

Me at Week 1.5.  I was told the result would be the best at after one month but I am already super happy with the result after just 1.5 weeks.


Here is me at 2 months post filler. I can smile and laugh confidently without worrying about the crows feet.


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Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic

Address391B Orchard Road, #16-03/04 Ngee Ann City Tower B, Singapore 238872
*This is a sponsored review but all opinions are my own

Erabrowlogy with Erabelle

Finally after 10 years, I plucked up my courage and went for eyebrow embroidery again… Again because I did it 10 years ago at Salon #1 at Bishan. I was pretty satisfied with the result then.  It lasted 10 years, probably longer if I have not decided to go for Erabrowlogy now.  I am ok with how I looked without makeup, just that nowadays with 2 kids and being a full time working mum, I want to save time getting ready every morning. Moreover, I hope to open my eyes every morning and look pretty for K. 🙂

After reading many many reviews and looking at my friend’s eyebrow. I decided on Erabelle.

Erabelle does not need alot of introduction. They are one of the hot favourites in town for eyebrow embroidery


How my eyebrows look before embroidery (with eyebrow drawn)

My artist, Yuki, patiently explained the entire procedure to me before cleaning my eyebrow and applied a scrub to them to remove any dead skin and excess sebum.


Without eyebrow makeup


She took photos of me before and also after drawing with eyebrow pencil.


She has excellent drawing skill! The moment she fininshed drawing, I told her that I would settle for this design. 🙂



Numbing in process

I was then led into a room with a comfy looking dentist chair ( my way of describing, not really a dentist chair) where Yuki did a patch test on my neck to make sure I was not allergy to the pigments used. While waiting for the patch allergy test, I was given a numbing cream to make the whole procedure painless.

15 mins later, Yuki showed me a new set of needle and started the embroidery. Indeed it was painlessssss… I said so because 10 years ago, I was gritting my teeth while the artist was embroidering.  I did not even feel anything with this embroidery. In fact, I cant feel anything hours after I left the salon. Their numbing cream was really powerful!!


The package came with a set of Browlogy care kit after each visit. I was instructed on how to care for my brow the next few days.


Holding area where Yuki explained aftercare to me


My skillful therapist, Yuki


Here is how I look when I left the salon, the night (without makeup) and the following day.


Same day of embroidery



Day 1 of embroidery (without make up)


Day 2 of embroidery


Because I had eyebrow embroidery done previously, I took up the Erabrowlogy Redesign & Intensive Change package.

The charges for their Brow services are as follow:

Erabrowlogy 90min x 4 sesssions @ $1314


For those who had eyebrow embroidery/ tattoo done

Erabrowlogy Redesign & Intensive Change 90min x 5 sessions @ $1690.60 (The one I did)

Erabrowlogy Restyling 90min x 7 sessions @ $2396.80


You can quote “Charlene Sim” or “ESM-S00009” to enjoy 10% off the package.

For more info on their outlets locations, please visit their website here