My relationship with my mum is special – special because she is both a Mum and a Dad to me. Dad left us when I was 10. Mum single-handedly brought us up; the very hard way.  Hard for her but to us we did not appreciate what she had done when we were younger.  Earning $900 a month before CPF deduction, she managed to raise my 2 younger brothers and I to who we are today. That is truly remarkable indeed! As a mum myself now, I often wondered how that was possible.  My mum is quite afraid of me.. actually my entire family is quite afraid of me because of my authoritative nature; I guess I naturally became like that because I had to play the role of mum/dad to my younger brothers when Mum was often working then.  I had to protect my 2 brothers from bad influences or people who tried to take advantage of us.  My mum is also quite a softie; she would give in to our requests most of the time and sometimes we would be audacious enough to raise our voice at her.  I remembered when I was 15, Mum brought me to Bangkok for a holiday. Just me and her, I guessed she wanted some bonding session with me but I ended up making her cried.  I regretted that action till this very day. I told myself I would make it back to her; so during the days when I was a cabin crew with Singapore Airlines, I took Mum with me on my flights to Rome and Cairo.  I was not very pleased with the trip because I did not find that Mum truly had an holiday (sleeping on train and most of the places we visited was “touch and go” due to the limited time).  I told her then that when I saved up in the future, we would go for a nicer holiday.  It is depressing as I recalled this because I realized that since I started a family on my own, the holidays were always with my hubby, kids and friends.  I had forgotten about the promise I made and Mum of course did not take it to heart.



So… this year, I planned and finally brought Mum to Japan on her birthday. Just the 2 of us; like when I was 15. To bring back those memories and to keep my promise; although it was many years after that I fulfilled this, it was still better than never. I decided on a free and easy itinerary to Tokyo and Kyoto; 6 days/5 nights but it felt like a 2 weeks trip because we covered so many places.


Day 1

Overnight flight and arrived Toyko Narita at 8am, took the coach from Narita Airport to Tokyo Station at 1000Yen per pax as our hotel was a 10-min walk from the station.  For those travelling to Japan, renting a WiFi device is so convenient and strongly recommended. I booked mine online (a promotion from ANA) and collected the device at the airport upon arrival. The device was superb, find out more here.

The ride took slightly more than 2 hours. Then the unexpected happened;  when we arrived at Tokyo Station, the google map brought us all around and my poor Mum had to walk 45 mins with me trying to find the hotel. Finally when we reached the hotel, we realised it was just 5 mins away from where we stopped (if we had walked the opposite direction instead). Faints..

Kyobashi me

We stayed at Courtyard Marriott at Ginza. The location was very convenient; located right next to Kyobashi metro (Ginza Line). After we checked in, we freshened up and took a train to Asakusa to visit the famous Senso Ji Temple. Asakusa was lively with a lot of stalls lined up along the way to the temple.  Mum suggested a restaurant and so we went in. Omg… the restaurant had 100 items on its menu but Mum chose only FRIED RICE!!… Hahahaha. Japanese cuisine was not to Mum’s liking.  I had my Salmon Don..yummzz. Super satisfied 1st meal in Tokyo.

P4292838 P4292839 P4292845 P4292847 P4292851

Senso Ji Temple is a buddhist temple located in Asakusa. It is one of Tokyo’s most colourful and popular temples. Almost like a must-go if you are in Tokyo. According to a legend folktale, 2 brothers fished out a statue of goddess of mercy from the river and even though they put the statue back into the river, it always returned to them. Senso Ji temple was eventually built nearby for the statue of the goddess of mercy.

P4292859P4292884 P4292885 P4292895 P4292901 P4292905P4292925

Mum and I paid our respects and walked around the shrine to admire the architecture before heading to Shibuya for some people watching and shopping. Shibuya is on the same Ginza line thus it was pretty straightforward to get there. I brought Mum to cross the famous Shibuya crossing and people-watch from a cafe on the 2nd floor.  Mum suggested going back to rest before dinner but you know what? Once we were back, she buried herself under the blanket and said she was not hungry and wanted to call it a day…. I ended up trying to find a place to taopow a quick meal. Because it was a public holiday that day, most of the shops were closed. The shopping mall like Takashimaya closed at 7.30pm and by the time I walked there, the staff told me it was closed… sob sob.. I walked to a 7-eleven and got some bentos back to the hotel room. Mum finished everything… Hahaha.. Poor Mum, I think my holiday style was too much for her.


Day 2

After yesterday’s incident, I reminded myself to go slow.. But there were really so many places I wanted to bring her. One very important place I thought was the Tsukiji Fish Market. Tsukiji Market will be moving to its new location in November 2016 thus I really wanted Mum to visit before the relocation. I asked her if she was keen to witness the Tuna auction (by the way, to witness the auction, one probably has to arrive at 3am to start queuing as only 120 pax are allowed per day). Mum freaked out upon hearing the “3am”.. Thus we went at 9am to visit only the outer and inner markets.  Tsukiji fish market was 2 metro stations from where we were staying and about a 15-min walk from the Tsukiji station. The Tsukiji fish market was amazing; the outer market was filled with many small restaurants, food stalls and stalls selling ceramic knives and dried/fresh ingredients. Mum tried their street food such as fish cake and torched scallops.  Then we moved on to the inner market (wet market). The inner market opens to public at 9am as prior to that was their peak business hours.  Mum kept mentioning that there was no fishy smell despite the fact that it was a wet market.  There were a lot of vehicles and everyone was in mad rush. We had to watch our back as the vehicles were moving fast and of course we did not want to get into the fishmongers’ way.  We had an early lunch at a restaurant and I made Mum tried some sushi. Her sushi were torched as she could not stand the idea of eating raw fish. Still it was unbearable for her. She had to take a lot of ginger with each piece of sushi she ate.  We continued exploring the outer market before making our way to Meiji Shrine.

P4302975 P4302980 P4302981 P4302982 P4302991P4302992 P4302993 P4303005 P4303007 P4303019P4303020 P4303022 P4303025 P4303027 P4303032


Meiji shrine was tranquil compared to the busy streets of Tokyo. The fact that it was located next to the busy Harajuku station made us feel like we were in a different part of the city. The moment we exited the station, we were greeted with busy streets filled with youngsters and hippy shops.  We were greeted by the huge torii gate at the entrance to the shrine. It was a nice and relaxing 10-min walk to the main shrine from the gate. We stopped by a cafe for some desserts and drinks as Mum was complaining about her tired feet.  At the main shrine, we were lucky to witness 5 beautiful couples giong through their traditional Japanese wedding ceremonies.  We made offerings, wrote wishes on emas and bought alot of charms for our family members.  I suggested Yoyogi park which was located adjacent to the Meiji Shrine but Mum seemed too tired for any more walking that day. We decided to sit along the streets of Harajuku to watch the fascinating fashion style of young Japanese before heading back to the hotel for a rest.

P4303059 P4303069 P4303088 P4303099 P4303102 P4303104 P4303126

After resting for 2 hours, we headed out to Tokyo Tower. Mum gave me a list of places she wanted to visit and Tokyo Tower was one of them.  We were greeted by the magnificent Tokyo Tower when we exited Akabanebashi station.  Mum was in awe! A 10-min walk brought us to the foot of the tower. I would strongly recommend Tofuya Ukai restaurant located at the foot of the tower a try if you are there (but do remember to make a reservation). Thumbs up food.


Because it was a day before Mum’s birthday, we were given a cake at the observatory deck. Mum loved the attention… and I could see how delighted she was when every crew we passed by wished her “Happy Birthday!”

P4303146 P4303149 P4303154 P4303163

Day 3

Bidded a temporary farewell to Tokyo before heading south to Kyoto.  As we were more familiar with the Ginza area now, it took us 10mins to walk to Tokyo station to board the Shinkansen to Kyoto.  We took the Nozumi super express train which took only slightly more than 2 hours to reach Kyoto.  I wanted Mum to experience the much talked about bullet train and she mentioned that it was indeed so fast that she could feel the pressure in her ears when the train was moving at top speed.

P5013179P5013180 P5013184

Once we arrived at Kyoto, we took a taxi to our Ryokan. Taxi in Kyoto was cheaper than in Tokyo; at least 30% cheaper.  We stayed at Ryokan Kohro, a small ryokan located at Rokkaku. The location was great because it was right next to the Nishiki Market and the busy shopping district.  We arrived around noon but our room was not ready. Hence we left our bags and headed for lunch nearby. Mum kept complimenting the beauty of Kyoto as we walked the streets. We took a taxi to Arashiyama.  The beauty of Arashiyama made Mum forgot about the pain in her feet. The well known bamboo grove…. very beautiful indeed… It was then I truly understood the saying “Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times”.  If only it was not as crowded that day.. we had a hard time trying to get a picture without people passing by. And it was almost impossible until Mum had to stop a group of tourists to snap a nice picture of me…  We passed by the Tenryu Ji temple and went in to admire the serenity of the temple. Despite the number of visitors in the temple, the place gave a sense of peace and zen. There was a hall for meditation where we saw many people meditating.  When we exited the Tenryu Ji temple, we passed by the Nonomiya Shrine. It was a small shrine and we saw devotees making offerings and we went in to make our offerings too.


P5013193 P5013218 P5013231 P5013252 P5013253 P5013254

Taxi to the Yasaka shrine… I know it was a shrine after shrine we visited but I tried to choose those that were close to other attractions so we could do other things after that. Yasaka shrine was pretty near to our ryokan.

P5013270 P5013283 P5013291

After the usual rituals in the temple, we walked down towards the busy shopping district. We passed by Gion, a street with so much character. It is actually Kyoto’s most famous geisha district and….. we were really LUCKY to meet a geisha!!! We were Super excited and mum started running after her… Running, yes running. She had actually forgotten about her painful feet and started running after her.  I ran infront of them to capture a picture of mum beside the geisha.  After that, she suddenly remembered her painful legs and started complaining again. We walked towards our ryokan and passed by Pontocho, a scenic dining area in Kyoto. Restaurant on the eastern alley overlooked the beautiful Kamogawa river.  I stood by the bridge and for that moment I missed my hubby terribly much…

P5013337 P5013341

Headed back after a casual dinner and mum went for the public hot bath which was offered by the ryokan. Mum changed into the robe and went for the bath while I stayed in the room to complete some work (.. sob sob… working on holiday).. Mum came back 20mins later and I was shocked and asked why didn’t she enjoy the bath a little longer since it was her first time trying and I believed the hot bath would help with the muscles ache that she was experiencing. Mum told me she did not know where to look when she was inside the bath as everyone was completely naked…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…. I hugged her as she was soooo cute.  We slept on the floor and were woken up early next morning for traditional Japanese breakfast in our room. We were quite reluctant when they came in to make our bed (actually was to keep our bed) as we were still very sleepy.  The breakfast was rather heavy but we both agreed it was a very good experience indeed.

P5013354 P5013356

P5023359 P5023365 P5023368

Day 4

We checked out and left our bags with the hotel front desk. We took a taxi to Fushimi Inari Taisha – a place famous for its thousand vermillion torii gates. Of course the standard rituals first before we moved to the beautiful trail of torii gates. The torii gates along the entire trail were donated by individuals and companies, and you could find the donator’s name and the date of the donation inscribed on the back of each gate. I read that the hike to the summit of the mountain and back would take about 2-3 hours, however, visitors were free to walk just as far as they liked before turning back. That was what happened to me; I gave up half way; not even half maybe a third of the way and came back. Of course Mum waited for me at the foot of the trail.

Along the exit/entrance of the shrine were stalls selling souvenirs and restaurants. We had a simple lunch at a Japanese restaurant and some coffee at a nearby cafe before taking a train back to where our ryokan was. We did some shopping before bidding Kyoto goodbye.  Took the Shinkansen back to Tokyo and checked in to Shinjuku Washington Hotel at 10pm.  The room at Shinjuku Washington Hotel was really tiny. So tiny that Mum and I had to discuss where to place and open our luggages. We were not very pleased with the hotel. Actually we chose this hotel because we wanted to go for a tour organized by Yokoso Japan and the pick-up location was at this hotel.  The noise insulation at the hotel was really bad. We could hear our neighbour’s conversation clearly and each time our neighbour opened their room door, it felt as though someone was  trying to break into our room. That was quite terrifying!


P5023419 P5023431 P5023453 P5023449

P5023370 P5023371

Day 5

Our land tour with Yokoso Japan. I booked the Mount Fuji 5th station, Shibazakura Festival and strawberries-picking tour as Mount Fuji was one of  the places in Mum’s bucket list. Organised tour itinerary is really not a thing for me because holiday to me should not be restricted and defined by a timetable. The tour meet-up time was at 7.20am and because it was the golden week in Japan, the traffic was extremely slow. Due to that, the tour leader had to cancel the strawberry-picking session. 🙁 Not only that, our journey to Mount Fuji 5th station took 5 hours!!!! Thus, we only had less than 2 hours there; actually after minusing an hour for lunch, we only had about 50mins to explore. Honestly we did not need 50 mins because we were under-dressed. It was very cold and windy, and we could barely stand straight. Took a few shots and quickly headed inside, I sent a postcard from there to my hubby but till date still not received.  🙁  The coach drove for another 2 hours to the Shibazakura festival.  It was a field full of Shibazakuara/ moss at the base of Mount Fuji. The sight was beautiful, it would be better if it was not that cloudy that day and Mount Fuji could appear in the background.  There were many food stalls and we bought some finger food and headed back to Tokyo. Because of the bad traffic, we arrived at our hotel at 930pm.  Almost 4 hours behind schedule and without the strawberry-picking sessions. So moral of the story – avoid visiting during the public holiday in Japan.

P5033527 P5033532 P5033536 P5033538 P5033546 P5033554 P5033556 P5033562 P5033573 P5033577P5033618 P5033591 P5033594 P5033603

Day 6

Our last day in Japan. Actually we only had a few hours because we had to get to the airport by 4pm.  Explored Shinjunku and Kabuki, showed Mum the neon lights filled Tokyo before we took the airport limousine coach to Narita. OK.. because we arranged for it at the last minute, both of us had to take a different scheduled coach to the airport. I was so worried for Mum as I was assigned to go first because I had to return the WiFi device and to get tax refund for the goods we had purchased.  This taught me a lesson, next time I shold have reserved the seats early.

P5043653 P5043670 P5043657

As I am writing this post, I feel really happy that I brought Mum on this trip. I feel so good to spend the 6 days with her. I am making a promise here so that all of you will be my witness. I will bring Mum for one holiday every year as long as she wants to.


P.S.  Mum, I hope when you are reading this post, that you too felt happy about the trip and all the love and effort from me because this was probably the most fulfilling trip for me this year. I promise the next trip will be one that is a fully organised tour and we will not have to walk so much. I love you, Mum.


After coming back from Sydney, Kel got to travel for work. Because he had to stay behind while I was away to look after the girls. He pushed all his trip behind. Me being the super super sticky wife, could not bear the thought that I had to be away from him for so long.  After enduring 5 days, I booked a last min flight on Tigerair to Bangkok to spend the weekend with him. I left on a Saturday 8am flight but my 1st experience with Tigerair was disapointing. My flight got delayed for 5 hours and I only reached Bangkok at 3pm in the afternoon. My original ETA was 940am. 🙁  I reached the hotel at 4pm and rushed to Platinum to do some shopping as Kel was with customers at that time.  I bought quite a few apparels within an hour and headed back to Grand Hyatt to meet Kel for dinner.  Had his favourite MK Gold at Paragon. Walked across to Siam and found a nice dessert joint, Mango Tango.  Very nice mango and smoothie.

P4232766 P4232760 P4232747 P4232751 P4232762

Siam was lively at night,  I continued my shopping at the roadside stalls and ended the night with a nice foot and body massage. I plan to stay at Siam Novetel for my next trip. This area seemed to suit me better.


We stayed at Grand Hyatt this trip, the hotel has the very luxurious upscale feel. A very different feel from my usual hotels in Bangkok. Although not as convenient for me to shop,  I still enjoyed the experience because it gave me a very different feel.

P4242790 P4242781 P4242778 P4242816 P4242819 P4242817 P4242818


We went for the must have breakfast in Bangkok. Soi 19 Wanton Noodle. Long queue as usual and we needed 2 bowls of noodle. each bowl was 100 baht. Not cheap for the amount they are serving. (You can finished with 2 mouthfuls) Actually did not see locals eating there. Mostly tourists and Singaporeans. Located at Soi 19 Petchburi Road,
Pratunam, Bangkok.  If you are around that area, do make a trip to try. Ermmm actually there is also a stall in Singapore where they serve similar Wanton Mee. They are not related to the stall in Bangkok but the taste is quite similar. It is located at Blk 151 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5 Coffeeshop, Singapore 560151

P4242795 P4242799 P4242797

Spent some time drinking coffee and people watched before Kel sent me to the  airport. 24 hours in Bangkok but felt so accomplished.  Chop Chop and get to see my love. Nothing to complain except the disappointing experience on Tigerair.

P4242809 P4242812


I am very lucky to be part of a company that brings their employees for yearly incentive trip. This year we went Sydney! That was also partly dued to the fact that we did really well last year and our big boss fought to have us travel a little further.

We did a red eye flight into Sydney and arrived the next morning. I would not bore you with the details but lots of photos. Touching a little at the interesting places we went.

Day 1 was basically letting our body get use to the time zone, there was only 2 hours difference but the fact that we did not rest well on board made us all zombies on the first day. We took things light and lunch at Darling Harbour.  Lunch was at Nick’s seafood. I love their calamaris.. Ok I love any calamari. Nothing too fanciful but you know when you are half zombie, you do not really bother about the food.

We went to the Opera House and took lots of photos. More like I took alot of photos for my colleagues.. So here is the only one that someone else took for me.



We had dinner at Aqua hosted by our Sydney’s colleagues. The dinner was fantastic. Really really good and I heard it wasnt cheap too. Really good food. But my camera was flat so I did not get any photos of the dinner. Worth a try if you are in Sydney.

Aqua syney


Day 2.

We went for the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. I was half hearted on this itienary because of my acrophobia.  I am the type who cant even look over the shopping centre railing so when I heard that the bridge climb is going to be climbing all the way to the top. I almost fainted.  You know you cannot really reject your boss’ proposal so I gritted my teeth and went ahead with the rest.   I found out that the climb was very costly at AUD$278 per person. Woah….  The experience was scary but I was really proud of myself that I overcame my fear and climbed all the way.  Some tips for those who are keen to try. You CAN bring your sunglasses along so dont listen to people who tell you that you cant. You will be given a strap to hold the sunglasses. No cameras, no phone actually nothing except sunglasses and emergency medications are allowed. Wear shoes with shoelaces and comfortable attire. (You will be given an overall to wear)  Here are some photos taken by the crew.

BridgeClimb Sydney Flags Morning 412150584 412150510 412150550 412150618 412150600 412150619 BridgeClimb Dawn Climb Sydney Opera House BridgeClimb Sydney Skyline


Day 3

We went to the beautiful Blue Mountain! The name Blue Mountains is derived from the blue tinge the range takes on when viewed from a distance.  It took us 2 hours ride on a coach from central Sydney to reach Blue Mountain.  We visited the 3 Sisters; the Blue Mountain’s most spectacular landmark; an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to Aboriginal legend were turned to stone.  Strolled along the amazing bushwalking tracks in the reserve and also had lunch at the breathtaking Echo Point.  We spent half the day and left for our Sailing experience from Darling Harbour. I took motion sickness pills before the ride and it really helped. I truly loved the sailing experience and of course all the photos onboard were fantastic!! We even got to steer the boat! Although not as steady but with all the encouragements and guidance, I was seriously considering to continue on a boat trip back in Singapore.

DSC_0981 DSC_0982 DSC_0983 IMG_7831 IMG_7946 IMG_7862DSC_1003 IMG_7993 IMG_8101 IMG_8103 IMG_8129 DSC_1017 DSC_1014


Day 4

Hunter Valley and horse riding day. Ok when they mentioned horse riding, I thought was those in Singapore Zoo where someone will lead the horse and you ride slowly.  I was shocked when they placed me onto the horse, told me 4 simple instructions on how to Go, Stop, Left and Right.  Then I was off to go with Charlie (my horse) into the wild, yes wild as in out in the field where you can see Kangaroo jumping beside you and a hare popping out from the tall grass in the middle of your path. Honestly it was not easy at all. My horse was always hungry, he would stopped and eat as and when we walked pass any grass patch. He would walked right into bushes and tress and all the branches would swept all over me and I had to scream for help.  Charlie would gallopped when he realized he was too slow and needed to catch up.  Ok the gallopping was scary. Firstly I felt as though I was going to fall off.  Next my bum was super sore from the slamming when Charlie gallopped.  (Now I understand why Jockey has to stand when they are riding). Finally after a 45 min or so of riding, we got back to the stable.  One of my colleagues fell off her horse because another colleague’s horse went to irritate her horse. Omg… she got a cut on her arm and face. But even so… everyone agreed that this horse riding was a fun experience.

IMG_8154 IMG_8164 IMG_8172 IMG_8185 DSC_1042 IMG_8220 IMG_8222 IMG_8227

Last day

Sydney Fish Market. For really really fresh seafood breakfast!! Lots of Sashimi and Oysters( I dont take Oysters).  Then we headed to Paddey’s market nearby before going Home Sweet Home…

P4152692 P4152707 P4152708 P4152709 P4152712

IMG_8251 IMG_8254DSC_1059


Time to work hard to look forward to next year incentive trip!


After the sewing class with Sew Into It,  I am so into hands-on class for children. I searched around and found a breadmaking workshop conducted by Spur Box.

I have read somewhere that kids who are not offered hands-on learning opportunities are more likely to turn to fast food and pre-packaged meals when it comes time to start cooking on their own.  Cooking also involved a lot of brainwork. Cooking requires basic knowledge in chemistry (how the application of heat changes items), biology (where food comes from), math (measuring and timing), and management (getting everything together in a timely fashion).

I also believed that if a kid helps to prepare the meal, he/she will more likely to appreciate the food and actually sit down and try new things.


The workshop was conducted at the culinary venue at PoMo. It was a 3 hours workshop, well organized by a team of experienced teachers. The teachers were very good at handling the young children in the kitchen.

P3182506 P3182504

Each participant was assigned a counter to work on.  Demonstration was done in a chirpy way to engage the children.  Lauren was so attentive to the details that she was telling exactly what to put and what to mix.

P3182519 P3182525 P3182512

P3182528 P3182552

While waiting for the dough to rise, the teachers gathered the children around and told them an interesting story about the history of pretzel. It was done with cute and interesting props and all the kids were so engrossed.

Refreshments were provided during the 2nd wait for the dough to rise and the children were playing among themselves.


After the teachers placed the doughs into the oven, the children were given clays to play with. They were asked to make pretzel shaped clay and to decorate a paper box to put the clays they had made.

P3182568 P3182585

Finally when the teachers distributed Lauren’s bread to her, she was standing there amazed at her own creation. Lauren is a picky eater but because she made the bread, she finished the loaf in the car while I was driving home. So the studies about kids who get their food right from its source are more likely to enjoy the end result, is true!


Learn more about Spur Box’s classes here

P3182578 P3182581 P3182591


For those who had been following my blog, you would probably know that I had been to PHS to seek help when I experienced post natal hair loss. I have been their loyal customer ever since.

I am not blessed with a head of thick glorious hair, so I am constantly looking for new hair care products or treatments just to help with my thinning hair because I believed just like how we would go for facial, we need to also maintain our scalp frequently.  I had been with PHS for about a year till date. I have seen significant improvements in my scalp as it is no longer as oily as it was before and my hair also feels thicker now.


Hair scan now. Can tell that my hair strands and density are much thicker

3rd apr2015

Hair scan when I just started treatment. Hair strands are thin and sparse

Recently PHS launched their new 3-step DSR program.  Everything is the same as their previous DSR program except that they now incorporate a new machine to enhance the result. Read about my previous experience with PHS hereP3302644

Here is a step by step guide on the DSR treatment.

  1. This is a new addition to DSR as previously the therapist used a paddle brush to comb through before going to step 2. This High Frequency Comb is used to comb through my hair. This step uses micro-currents, the comb’s electrotherapy regulates oil secretions, kills bacteria and fights inflammation while stimulating follicle growth activity. P3302647
  2. A detox mask is then applied to the scalp and hair, and my therapist would follow with a head massage.
  3. The treatment then moves on to an oxygen therapy. This is a steam treatment to help with the mask absorption and also to soften the hair and scalp tissues.
  4. This is also a new step. The Scalp Scrubber, using ultrasound energy that creates a deep cleansing action at 28,000 vibrations per seconds. The therapist sectioned my hair and thoroughly scrubbed every inch of my scalp. This made my scalp felt so clean.P3302648
  5. Previously, there would be a normal rinse, shampoo and condition session. Now it is done with a Hydro- Cleanse; a powerful pulsating water jet that cleanses beyond the scalp’s surface while providing a relaxing massage. P3302651
  6. For being a Spa customer, I got a 20 min shoulder massage. Actually this is one of my favourite part of the session. 🙂 I usually got really stiff shoulders hence this 20 min massage was heavenly.
  7. Hair Serum is then applied to the entire scalp and Galvanic Probe is then used to aid with the absorption of the serum. The Galvanic Probe is also a new step; it uses Iontophoresis to stimulate deeper absorption of treatment products to boost efficacy of serum application.

    One end to stimulate scalp


    One end to be held

  8. A nice scalp massage followed by a 10-15min of Infra-red treatment. This is to stimulate metabolic waste removal.
  9. The treatment is completed with a nice blow dry.

It is recommended to have a treatment at least once a month, just like our facial.




P3192598I think home care is equally important. I am currently using PHS range of shampoo and conditioner. Lately I added the Adv Pre Treatment Scalp Elixir to complete my range.  Some may agree with me that at times there is the feeling that our favourite product seems to be losing its effect after using it for some time. Actually it is not that our product is losing it’s effect but because there are residues building up on our scalp/skin that may hinder the product’s performance. Thus regular exfoliation of our scalp/skin is very important. It is easy for us to exfoliate our skin but scalp….??? I was introduced to this Elixir by my therapist. It cleanses and exfoliates dead cells on scalp to allow better absorption of scalp treatments. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I do feel my scalp is cleaner and my hair seems to be able to style better after each use.P3192605P3192606

Here’s a piece of good news to share; PHS is very kind to offer my readers 2 different promotions:

  •  a 20% off product purchase from their e-store with the discount code Charlene20
  •  $88 first time trial promo: Detox Scalp Spa Therapy PLUS free Nutrition Hair Treatment (to be completed together in one session) at Plaza Singapore outlet. Quote “Charlene” when you make appoint via their website: or hotline at 6692 0662.

Promotion ends 31st May 2016 so do hurry if you are keen.

PHS outlets are located at the folowing locations

Plaza Singapura #04-34/35

Ngee Ann City #05-25A/B

Wheelock Place #04-12