Safari Boo is a Merry Not Scary Halloween for Kids

  1. If you are thinking of soaking up the atmosphere this Halloween but afraid that your child is not able to take scary event like the USS Halloween Night. Then dress your child up and head down to River Safari’s Safari Boo this Halloween.



There are plenty of activities to keep your child occupied. We bought the 8pm to 10pm tickets as the earlier tickets were all sold out. Due to that, we were not able to complete all the activities in the park. You definitely need more than 2 hours if you plan to cover all the games and activities.

Remember to pick up the goodie bag at the entrance. The bag is useful for all the treats collected along the way.

PA301699pse PA301701pse

Do bring along your camera or ensure that your camera phone are fully charged as there will be lots of opportunity to take photographs with the characters.





There is also a show that runs at 7pm ,8pm and 9pm. We missed that as Lauren took a long time at the games and activities session.




We also missed the face painting and hair colouring corner as they were closed by the time we walked there. We spent some time queuing to take pictures with the animals.



Lauren enjoyed herself very much. Asking if she can be here again next year.




If you are planning to visit Safari Boo, you still have 2 more days before the end of this event. The last day for Safari Boo is on the 1st Nov. Children below 12 enter free and ticket for adult is at $20.  Safari Boo is open from 6pm to 10pm

Do get your tickets online to avoid disappointment.





Alexis at Sparkanauts Baby Cadet Class

After trying Medley Toddler, I decided to give Sparkanauts next door a try. Sparkanaut has a more holistic approach. It is also a 60min, once a week program.


Alexis tried the Baby Cadet, a program tailored for babies 5 to 12 months.  According to the school, Baby Cadet class builds the foundation for your child’s future learning.  It helps to stimulate visual and auditory senses to prepare for reading and writing. It also strengthens the body for confidence and train for nimble movements. The program is a combination of gym, flash cards, music & movement, play and story telling all in one.

The teachers will introduce a new theme every week. They will have flash cards where they will sing and flash the cards to the child individually. The child will also get to play with some instruments like tambourin or bells to expose them to sounds and coordination.


Each week the teacher introduces an alphabet to the child. The alphabet is printed on a flash card in a textured material. The teacher will encourage the child to trace the alphabet and show the child an object related to the alphabet.


In Sparkanauts Baby Cadet class, there is a trapeze session where the child will be asked to hold on to the handle bar of the trapeze for 30 sec.  The child would then be swung towards the parent. Alexis loves this part. This, according to the teacher, is to train the child’s arm and also to let them know when to hold and when to let go.



Then comes the gym time; children are encouraged to crawl around through the obstacles to build their strength and awareness of the surroundings. I personally find that the baby gym had helped Alexis to develop her crawling skills better. Prior to that, she was always doing the leopard crawl. After the trial, Alexis went home crawling. 🙂 I think it is due to peer influence as she saw all the other babies crawling in class.





One part of Sparkanauts Baby Cadet class is a mat time where the children are placed on their back and the parents would lift and drop the colourful parachute. Alexis enjoys this and always sits up at this time. Who would want to lie down when there are so many activities around.


I find this program very interactive for the child. Parent would need to be prepared that there will be a parent & child gym session during the class where you will have to swing, lift and hop with the child. It is pretty tiring but a good bonding session with your child.



The school will email parents the class materials after every lesson. Parent are supposed to go back and reiterate the learning through revision of the materials.  Hard copy can be purchased at $60 for 10 sets or $10 per set.


The only part that would probably deter me from signing up again is the feeling I have that the school is not keeping to the standard of hygiene. I felt that they do not clean the toys or materials after the class. When asked, they told me they clean once a week which I find not acceptable.


The cost for Baby Cadet class is higher than Medley Toddler at $698 for 10 lessons. If you are a SAFRA member you get 1 additional lesson for free.

Appended is the class time table:


Sparkanauts is located at:

SAFRA Toa Payoh
293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6, #02-01
Singapore 319387

+65 62590307


Alexis trying out Medley Toddler class

Papa says we got to be fair. Lauren got to attend many fun classes when she was below 1 year old. Alexis, on the other hand has not attended any class.

Alexis was a preemie. I delivered her at 36weeks and I bed rested from 14 weeks all the way till I deliver. I took many medications and even had a cerclage surgery done at 14 weeks. Many times I asked myself if it is due to the fact that she was a preemie and also all the medications in the system, I find her slow in achieving the milestones. With social media nowadays, we can see what are kids around our child’s age progressing. I hate to admit but I do feel affected and stress certain times when I saw all the babies around Alexis’s age start to crawl and walk while Alexis is still trying very hard to sit on her own. I told myself as long as Alexis is healthy, I am fine to take things slow.

Alexis’s speech is better than her motor skills. She could call “Papa” at 6 months. Now she can say “Papa, Mama, Zei Zei, Apple”. I told myself her progress is different as her speech develops faster than her motor skills.


So for Alexis, I decided to let her try some classes. I know she is only 10 months old but like what Papa mentioned.  I need to be fair. Alexis also hardly gets to go out so to have a class will make it like a mandatory outing day for Alexis every week.



As Lauren is having piano lesson at Medley Music School. I signed Alexis up for a trial class for Medley Toddlers. The class is meant for children aged 6 months to 2.5 years. A range of musical and social concepts are achieved in this programme using the Suzuki method.  Songs, spoken speech patterns and movement are combined with the playing of a variety of percussion instruments. Each activity is presented so that toddlers at various developmental stages can benefit.


It was quite a full class and the children were all around 12 months to 18 months. Alexis was the youngest in class. 🙂 I felt so Kiasu.


The class started with parents singing along with the teachers and walking around in circles. The teachers will also use different musical instruments when singing different songs. They will encourage the children to try the musical instruments by asking them to take turns to come to the front.

P9051269_1pse P9051276_1pse P9051278pse

Overall the class was alright, it feels like any class with music and movement. It does expose Alexis to music but I want to have a class with more activities.


For those who are keen to find out more. Medley is having 40% off for Medley Toddler class.

P9051290pse P9051292pse

Medley Music School is located at

SAFRA Toa Payoh

293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6


Singapore 319387

Tel: 6353 4881