Tear Trough Fillers and Crows Feet Botox with Celevenus Aesthetic

For those that have been following my IG,  I had been very blessed to be taken care by Celevenus Aesthetic for my body contouring journey.  What I have not shared is my aesthetic journey.


Recently, I have decided to go under the needles for my eyes.  I am a big vain pot and very critical on myself to maintain my looks and I had been very troubled by my wrinkles and tired looking eyes lately. I am a night owl as I work till late at night after the girls are asleep. This routine is taking a toll on my eyes. My eyes started to look more sunken and my crows feet were getting very obvious. I blamed it on staring at my phone in the dark as that action would make me cringe when I try to focus on the bright screen.  I could not take it because it was getting very difficult to get a decent photo of myself without showing my tired looking eyes. Look at some of my recent photos…

My crows feet before filler

My eye bag before filler

One day I just decided that enough is enough! I went to Celevenus to seek help for my troubled eye issues. What can I say.. I am extremely satisfied!  Dr Dylan Chau was so nice and gentle throughout the entire period. He was a man of few words and I liked his service very much. He was very honest and advised me only on what I truly needed.  He recommended me to go for Sculptra, an FDA-approved injectable that is designed to fill wrinkles and reduce hollow, sunken cheeks. The treatment increases your body’s natural production of collagen, which is key for tightening skin. The effect of Sculptra will increase over time, thus is not as immediate as fillers. I told him that I needed the immediate result as I could not afford to wait a few months for my body to produce the collagen to fill the hollowness under my eyes. He agreed that with such a requirement, fillers would be a better choice.  Of course, he also shared with me that fillers would last a duration ranging from months to 1 year depending on my lifestyle. Although I was afraid of the needle, I went for the procedure without numbing cream. LOL… This was because the nurses in the clinic told me the numbing cream would cause my skin to swell a little thus affecting the actual judgement of injecting.  I immediately said ok then went ahead without any numbing cream. What I was truly impressed was the pain was much bearable than I had initially thought.

Dr Dylan assessing my condition. I have eye bags showing even without any expression

Marking before treatment

Tear trough filler

Here we go

Dr Dylan told me to expect some bruising because I am very fair and my veins were actually very close to the entry point of injection. There were indeed some bruising but was easily concealed with concealer. Here was me on Day 1 after the tear trough filler and crowsfeet botox.  Look! No more crows feet!

tear trough filler at Celevenus

Right after filler. Just a little bruising under my eye which can be easily concealed.

Me at Week 1.5.  I was told the result would be the best at after one month but I am already super happy with the result after just 1.5 weeks.


Here is me at 2 months post filler. I can smile and laugh confidently without worrying about the crows feet.


For those that are interested, Celevenus Aesthetic is offering a special price for my readers. To find out more about the deal, please look for Cindy when you call. Remember to quote my name for the special price!


Celevenus Wellness & Aesthetic Clinic

Address391B Orchard Road, #16-03/04 Ngee Ann City Tower B, Singapore 238872
*This is a sponsored review but all opinions are my own

PHS HairScience’s award winning signature 3-step DSR™ Program

For those who had been following my blog, you would probably know that I had been to PHS to seek help when I experienced post natal hair loss. I have been their loyal customer ever since.

I am not blessed with a head of thick glorious hair, so I am constantly looking for new hair care products or treatments just to help with my thinning hair because I believed just like how we would go for facial, we need to also maintain our scalp frequently.  I had been with PHS for about a year till date. I have seen significant improvements in my scalp as it is no longer as oily as it was before and my hair also feels thicker now.


Hair scan now. Can tell that my hair strands and density are much thicker

3rd apr2015

Hair scan when I just started treatment. Hair strands are thin and sparse

Recently PHS launched their new 3-step DSR program.  Everything is the same as their previous DSR program except that they now incorporate a new machine to enhance the result. Read about my previous experience with PHS hereP3302644

Here is a step by step guide on the DSR treatment.

  1. This is a new addition to DSR as previously the therapist used a paddle brush to comb through before going to step 2. This High Frequency Comb is used to comb through my hair. This step uses micro-currents, the comb’s electrotherapy regulates oil secretions, kills bacteria and fights inflammation while stimulating follicle growth activity. P3302647
  2. A detox mask is then applied to the scalp and hair, and my therapist would follow with a head massage.
  3. The treatment then moves on to an oxygen therapy. This is a steam treatment to help with the mask absorption and also to soften the hair and scalp tissues.
  4. This is also a new step. The Scalp Scrubber, using ultrasound energy that creates a deep cleansing action at 28,000 vibrations per seconds. The therapist sectioned my hair and thoroughly scrubbed every inch of my scalp. This made my scalp felt so clean.P3302648
  5. Previously, there would be a normal rinse, shampoo and condition session. Now it is done with a Hydro- Cleanse; a powerful pulsating water jet that cleanses beyond the scalp’s surface while providing a relaxing massage. P3302651
  6. For being a Spa customer, I got a 20 min shoulder massage. Actually this is one of my favourite part of the session. 🙂 I usually got really stiff shoulders hence this 20 min massage was heavenly.
  7. Hair Serum is then applied to the entire scalp and Galvanic Probe is then used to aid with the absorption of the serum. The Galvanic Probe is also a new step; it uses Iontophoresis to stimulate deeper absorption of treatment products to boost efficacy of serum application.

    One end to stimulate scalp


    One end to be held

  8. A nice scalp massage followed by a 10-15min of Infra-red treatment. This is to stimulate metabolic waste removal.
  9. The treatment is completed with a nice blow dry.

It is recommended to have a treatment at least once a month, just like our facial.




P3192598I think home care is equally important. I am currently using PHS range of shampoo and conditioner. Lately I added the Adv Pre Treatment Scalp Elixir to complete my range.  Some may agree with me that at times there is the feeling that our favourite product seems to be losing its effect after using it for some time. Actually it is not that our product is losing it’s effect but because there are residues building up on our scalp/skin that may hinder the product’s performance. Thus regular exfoliation of our scalp/skin is very important. It is easy for us to exfoliate our skin but scalp….??? I was introduced to this Elixir by my therapist. It cleanses and exfoliates dead cells on scalp to allow better absorption of scalp treatments. I have been using it for 2 weeks now and I do feel my scalp is cleaner and my hair seems to be able to style better after each use.P3192605P3192606

Here’s a piece of good news to share; PHS is very kind to offer my readers 2 different promotions:

  •  a 20% off product purchase from their e-store with the discount code Charlene20
  •  $88 first time trial promo: Detox Scalp Spa Therapy PLUS free Nutrition Hair Treatment (to be completed together in one session) at Plaza Singapore outlet. Quote “Charlene” when you make appoint via their website: www.phshairscience.com or hotline at 6692 0662.

Promotion ends 31st May 2016 so do hurry if you are keen.

PHS outlets are located at the folowing locations

Plaza Singapura #04-34/35

Ngee Ann City #05-25A/B

Wheelock Place #04-12



Erabrowlogy with Erabelle

Finally after 10 years, I plucked up my courage and went for eyebrow embroidery again… Again because I did it 10 years ago at Salon #1 at Bishan. I was pretty satisfied with the result then.  It lasted 10 years, probably longer if I have not decided to go for Erabrowlogy now.  I am ok with how I looked without makeup, just that nowadays with 2 kids and being a full time working mum, I want to save time getting ready every morning. Moreover, I hope to open my eyes every morning and look pretty for K. 🙂

After reading many many reviews and looking at my friend’s eyebrow. I decided on Erabelle.

Erabelle does not need alot of introduction. They are one of the hot favourites in town for eyebrow embroidery


How my eyebrows look before embroidery (with eyebrow drawn)

My artist, Yuki, patiently explained the entire procedure to me before cleaning my eyebrow and applied a scrub to them to remove any dead skin and excess sebum.


Without eyebrow makeup


She took photos of me before and also after drawing with eyebrow pencil.


She has excellent drawing skill! The moment she fininshed drawing, I told her that I would settle for this design. 🙂



Numbing in process

I was then led into a room with a comfy looking dentist chair ( my way of describing, not really a dentist chair) where Yuki did a patch test on my neck to make sure I was not allergy to the pigments used. While waiting for the patch allergy test, I was given a numbing cream to make the whole procedure painless.

15 mins later, Yuki showed me a new set of needle and started the embroidery. Indeed it was painlessssss… I said so because 10 years ago, I was gritting my teeth while the artist was embroidering.  I did not even feel anything with this embroidery. In fact, I cant feel anything hours after I left the salon. Their numbing cream was really powerful!!


The package came with a set of Browlogy care kit after each visit. I was instructed on how to care for my brow the next few days.


Holding area where Yuki explained aftercare to me


My skillful therapist, Yuki


Here is how I look when I left the salon, the night (without makeup) and the following day.


Same day of embroidery



Day 1 of embroidery (without make up)


Day 2 of embroidery


Because I had eyebrow embroidery done previously, I took up the Erabrowlogy Redesign & Intensive Change package.

The charges for their Brow services are as follow:

Erabrowlogy 90min x 4 sesssions @ $1314


For those who had eyebrow embroidery/ tattoo done

Erabrowlogy Redesign & Intensive Change 90min x 5 sessions @ $1690.60 (The one I did)

Erabrowlogy Restyling 90min x 7 sessions @ $2396.80


You can quote “Charlene Sim” or “ESM-S00009” to enjoy 10% off the package.

For more info on their outlets locations, please visit their website here


Graceous Lash and Dreamlash

Eyes are often known as the window to our souls. If I needed to do a 3 min eye make up, I would go with just my eyebrows and eyeliner. That would have the immediate perk-me-up effect.


Many years ago, I did my eyelash extension at one of the smaller scale beauty salons in town. After 3 cycles of eyelash extensions, majority of my eyelashes dropped and I was left with 7 pathetic lashes. You didn’t read wrongly. Yes! 7 eyelashes! I was left with no choice but to use falsies daily. I recalled Kelvin telling me that I was the Singapore version of “Sadako” (The ghost from the movie, The Ring) as “Sadako” also had no eyelashes. With that horrifying experience, I swore to steer clear from eyelash extension.

Lately, I noticed that the trend for eyelash extension is back again. Many of my friends would battle their eyes at me with those super natural eyelashes. To be honest, I could hardly tell that they were extensions. That was how natural it looked. I told myself I am not going to repeat the same old mistake I made 8 years ago. But knowing how vain I am, I gave in and made an appointment with Graceous Lash at Mohamed Sultan.


Graceous lash is located on the 3rd level


It is just next to The Pattisier, my favourite bakery. 🙂 I was given a reminder 2 days before my appointment to be on time and to go without eye makeup. Graceous is on the 3rd level of the shop house. More like a 3M, 3rd level Mezzanine. It is a very small salon with 2 lash stylists. The stylists are Japanese and they were very polite. My stylist, Sara, apologized profusely to me as I had to wait for 20min. She took a longer time than expected on the customer before mine.   She explained the types of lash design, the different kinds of curl and also the length of the lash. I chose the Sexy, Ends longer design type with C curl lashes, and length ranged from 8mm to 10mm.


Graceous Lash menu


Types of lashes from Graceous Lash

I was then led to a bed, where Sara cleaned my eye area and applied glue before sticking the lashes one at a time. I requested Sara to also style my lower lash. It took about 90 minutes for the session to complete. I walked out feeling very pretty. I have to say the extension felt really light and natural. The effect was like having nice lashes with mascara applied on.


With pretty Sara from Graceous Lash after my session


How my lashes looked after I returned home

After completing 2 cycles of lash extension with Graceous Lash, I removed the extension and rested my lashes for 2 months before heading to try Dreamlash.



Dreamlsh is recommeded by a friend of mine who swears by it.  I booked an appointment through their sms service. They were very prompt in replying the SMS and was also given a reminder a day prior to the appointment date.


My therapist Eunice walked my through the entire process; explaining the different types of lashes and styles. I chose the Elegant style with Diamond Mink eyelashes.  Eunice did a range of 9mm- 12mm on me.


Types of lashes from Dreamlash

Eunice took about an hour to apply 60 -70 strands of eyelashes for me. It was a shorter timing compared to Graceous Lash because I did only the upper lash.


Here is the before and after of the eyelash extension.


Before extension from Dreamlash


After extension from Dreamlash


How my Dreamlash extension looked after the session.

Overall I found both Graceous and Dreamlash to be very similar. Both were comfy and light, very natural looking and would last around 3 to 4 weeks.

Price wise, I think Graceous is slightly lower in terms of the unlimited lashes option.  Both shops offer a 20% discount for first time customers.

In terms of location, Dreamlash is convenient for those who are not driving as they are conveniently located at Citylink Mall where it is near Esplanade/ City Hall MRT. For Graceous, I went to the one at Md Sultan, which was not as accessible but I understood they do have another outlet at Bugis.

Fixing an early appointment at Dreamlash also seemed easier than Graceous; probably because Dreamlash has more staffs.


With so many eyelash extension salons popping up. We know we are definitely spoilt for choices.


Graceous Lash

River valley Outlet
10AM to 8PM (last reception time: 630PM)
Bugis Outlet
10AM to 8PM(last reception time: 630PM)


River Valley Outlet
9 Mohamed Sultan Road #03-02 (Attic level) 238959
Nearest MRT station: Somerset or Clark Quay

Bugis Outlet
26A Purvis Street Singapore 188603

River valley Outlet
Bugis Outlet

Graceous Website



Citylink Mall, 1 Raffles Link #B1-09A Singapore 039393
Tel 6884 8019
Dreamlash Website




PHS Hair Science for my Post Natal Hair Loss

Every mother will understand the pain of post natal hair loss. At around 4 months post partum, many mothers will be surprise to find themselves shedding more hair than usual. I always get the advise from fellow mummies and doctors that this nuisance will stop by 1 year post partum. (Helloooo… if I really shed for 1 year, I will become botak). My 1st pregnancy, I dropped excessively for around 2 months and my hair started growing back thereafter. Thus with my 2nd pregnancy, I thought things will be like my 1st.

To my horror, at 3 months post partum, my hair dropped till I literally have no more fringe!! I do not have a lot of hair to begin with. So can you imagine my thinning hair with no fringe.

hairloss 2nd Ap2015 hairloss

I was depressed. Hair is very important, it can build or break your self confidence. We all understand that on a good hair day, we will feel like we are in some Music Video strutting with wind in our hair. Can you imagine yourself going out and everyone asking you about what is wrong with your hair and are you seeking treatment? I was desperate. I started googling on everything about hair loss. Google says eating food high in protein will help, it also states Vitamin B is an essential part of having healthy hair. Sourcing for all different shampoos for hair loss. I tried everything. Including spending $1500 on a laser helmet which claimed to tackle hair loss within 1st use. All to no avail. ( Lucky I sold the helmet to cut loss) Kelvin kept telling me it is ok, I can get a wig for the time being…..  sob sob

Then I chanced upon a PHS sample shampoo in Kelvin’s gift pack from a Golf Tournament. I tried and that day my hair felt really clean. So again I googled and realised this has to be purchased from their salon. I headed down to the PHS outlet in Takashimaya level 5. The 400ml shampoo cost $79.90. The lady at the counter offered to do a scalp analysis for me to ensure that I am getting the right shampoo for my condition.

Consult Room PHS

3rd apr2015

It was really depressing because when they scanned my scalp, the screen showed a lot of my scalp, very little hair. The consultant suggested I try the DSR treatment. Detox, Stabilize, Regrow in short. We all know treatments like this are really costly and I had already spent a lot on shampoos, gadgets and health foods but all to no avail. I am not very sure if I want to part with a few thousand dollars to try something new.  They offered me to try 1 session at $88 to have a feel of the session. $88 for a SPA session at PHS is really worthwhile as their usual price without package is $348 per session.

I went down the next day and tried the Detox session at their Wheelock branch.

Frontdesk PHS

Honestly, the whole procedure felt very relaxing. The SPA area is tucked away from their usual salon area. There are only 6 seats in the SPA area. You get your own massage lounge chair with an iPad loaded with movies and dramas.  The therapist will usually offer you a change of attire as the SPA session will consists of a 20min shoulder and neck massage. The change of attire is to prevent the massage oil from staining your clothes.

PHS Spa1



PHS SPA chair

Comfy Massage Lounge Chair inside Spa Area


PHS Movie

Wide selections of movies.


PHS Choice of drinks

Selections of Drinks

PHS Massage Oil

Selections of Massage Oil

After offering you your choice of drink, the therapist will begin the 8 steps procedure. Be prepared to spend 2 and a half hours there if you are going for SPA session. The salon session will be shorter as it skips the massage portion.

Shampoo area



Salon Area

I have been doing my treatments there weekly for coming to 4 months now. I am also using their range of Hair care. I am using their PRO shampoos and conditioner. I alternate between the Hair loss and Detox shampoo. I am also using their Tonics which my consultant said it is very important.

PHS Range of Haircare

I recently also bought their hydrating hair ends care. I bought the Detangling Spray, Argan Oil and Hydrating Cream. Out of the trio, I am not too impress with the Detangling Spray. I don’t find it really useful and it has a very strong silicone smell. I do use the Argan Oil the most. You are supposed to use it on damp hair and the Hydrating Cream after you dried your hair. I tend to forget about the cream.

now1 now2

I will like to say, I do see my baby hair sprouting out now. Although still a long way to go before I can regain my previous glory but I am happy with the progress.


I will probably stay on with the treatment, maybe once a month in the future. Just as a maintenance. I pray and hope I will never have to go into that frantic state ever.

Referral Program

They are currently having a promotion, if you have friends or relatives who are their customers, you can quote their name when you go for the trial. They will get a free purifying treatment. If you do not, you can always quote my name. 😛 Charlene Sim.


PHS Hair Science is located at the following places:

  •  Ngee Ann City #05-25A/B
  • Plaza Singapura #04-34/35
  • Wheelock Place #04-12

Monday to Friday: 11am – 8.30pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays: 10.30am – 7pm

enquiry & booking hotline+65 6692 0662

Website : PHS Hair Science