Extra Space Executive Storage Review

Before July 2018, I had been working in the comfort of my abode. Part of my house has also turned into my warehouse for my stocks. It was convenient for me but working at home has also caused my family members much inconvenience.

  1. My girls have lost their playroom as the playroom became mummy’s warehouse.
  2. The wardrobe that was used to store hubby’s suits and winter clothings are blocked by the cartons. To access his outfits, he would need to perform Ninja Warrior stunts to remove all obstacles to be able to open the wardrobe doors.
  3. I felt like I had lost my freedom at home as I was literally on the laptop 24/7.
  4. The dining table has become a work desk because that was the only proper table left at home.


I was determined to get an office but I did not wish to be committed to a hefty monthly rental. Co-working spaces I visited were not ideal as they are in posh downtown office where the parking costs can kill and I did not wish to travel half the island to work.


Thus when Extra Space approached me for a collaboration, I was happy to visit the site. Executive Storage is a new co-work and storage concept by Extra Space. This concept was perfect for me!

  • Warehouse space
  • A proper working environment where I have 24-hour access.
  • Meeting area where I can invite vendors or business partners for a discussion (else it was previously done at nearby Starbucks).
  • Air-conditioned Storage for my fragile precious skincare products.
  • There are printing facilities where I can comfortably fulfil my admin tasks too.

I was offered to review Executive Storage for a few months but I loved it so much that I decided to continue the service after the trial period. This was due to their affordable rental and the flexibility of the lease term. Do you know you can start the lease for as short as 2 weeks! With rental starting at $185, I think this is probably the best option for me at this moment.

Keen to be my “colleague”? Head over here to inquire about this service. Quote AHCLAK5  for an additional 5% discount on top of their promotion!


Here is a short tour of the site! Do hope to meet you all as my co-working colleague soon.



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