2017 in a nutshell

As I bid 2017 goodbye, I want to sit down and reflect on the good and bad things that had happened the past year.

I am grateful for a fruitful 2017. I had 5 holidays and went to 7 countries. Out of the 7 countries, 2 places were my first visits. My first visit to Vietnam was with my company for an incentive trip and Iceland was with hubby. 2017 also marked the first family holiday with my mum and my 2 brothers.

Family Holiday to Perth

I also celebrated our 10th year Wedding Anniversary in 2017, with my sweet hubby surprising me with an extravagant Europe trip.

10 Year Anniversary shoot in Paris





Work wise, 2017 marked the year I relaunched eFresh. This baby of mine had been an erratic journey since 2009 and so I hope it will be a smooth journey moving forward. I am truly grateful to all who have supported me with the love for eFresh. You never know how much it meant to me to see all the reviews and referrals.

1st Pop Up event at Ksister Market

On top of eFresh, I made it to the 10k followers mark on Instagram this year. I made many friends since I started becoming active on social media, and many have became the person I go to when I needed advice. I started sharing more about my life on social media in 2015. I started because I thought I was going to be a stay at home mum and I wanted to have an avenue other than just kids and home. Who knows, I backed out on the idea of SAHM when another job offer came right after I tendered my resignation. LOL.

While achieving the above, I did not neglect my mainstream work. My manager/good friend gave me the space to progress and I did what I needed and had good results at work. What I enjoyed most while working in a pharmaceutical industry is all the rapport I built with doctors and nurses. They are more than just business contacts, many are my closed friends now.

Oh how can I forget that I did my first 10km run in 2017! That was really an achievement for me as I went with the intention of walking the 10km but I ended up running almost the entire 10km!

With so many fantastic achievements, you must be thinking what bad can I get.

Honestly, I am truly grateful with all that I have. The only thing that I hope to be better is the health of my family members. Mum is still battling with her stage 4 breast cancer. Grandma has been very frail after her hip fracture. Someone very dear to my family is also fighting a terminal illness. I pray very hard that all my loved ones will receive a miracle potion.


I am also guilty of spending lesser time with my girls this year. I used to be able to set aside time daily to read and revise school work with the girls. But with so much on my plate, I got tired by the time I got home. Many times, I also lost my cool with the girls over trivial matters. This is something that hubby is not pleased of. Hubby is also not too pleased with me constantly on the phone. Thus I need to ensure I set aside time for phone browsing in 2018.


Thank you for treating me well, 2017. I will work hard to make 2018 a year with new goals in life, and I will be sharing my 2018 resolutions shortly. Have you also had a thought of what you want to achieve in 2018?


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