Lauren lost her 1st milk tooth!

It started a week ago when Lauren came to me and told me one of her tooth was really shaky and her adult tooth was coming out.

A closer look, I saw her adult tooth behind her milk tooth. Initially I was a little worried as I heard a mother who told me that if you allow the child to keep playing with the shaky tooth. The socket will become bigger and that will affect the growth of the adult tooth. I went to approach my neighbour who happen to be a dentist. She assured me that it would be fine. The adult tooth will push out the milk tooth. She also assured me that even though the adult tooth seems to be misaligned now, it will gradually move to the front.

I did some googling and found out that most children start to lose their teeth between the age of 5-6. They will generally replace all their milk teeth with adult teeth by the age of 14.

Fast forward to today. The day where my precious Lauren’s milk tooth finally dropped!!! Lauren was very worried prior to that as she saw that her tooth was almost dropping. I told her to just gave it a tuck and pull it out. She did. The next thing, she was jumping around the room telling everyone that her tooth dropped and she pulled it out herself.


Shortly I asked her did she throw her tooth away?  She led me to her cupboard and told me she kept it there. Hahahaha, I told her why don’t you put in inside an Ang Pow. She chose a cute red packet and told me the tooth fairy will take it tonight.

OI000770-01 OI000769-01

10th Oct 2015, the day Lauren dropped her first tooth. 🙂


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